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5 Steps to Creating the Life of Your Dreams

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5 Steps to Creating the Life of Your Dreams

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You need fuel for your journey. You need support for your dreams. You want to get unstuck, moving and live life to the fullest! Steve Pederson, musician, author, speaker, entrepreneur and family man hosts this weekly podcast that helps you up-level your life. Be inspired by teaching and interviews with people whose lives have been transformed. Hear the stories that have enabled them to overcome crippling obstacles and have propelled them towards their destiny. It's all about real people overcoming real odds to realize their dreams.


The Dream Highway is a journey of self-discovery. 

The Dream Highway is all about enjoying the continual process of personal transformation that you go through on your journey towards realizing your dreams. 

It started as a song with a different title. It then developed into a concept album. Next came the podcast. Who knows where this journey will lead to?  

What I have discovered about myself in the process of creating my life, my products and my community is nothing short of transformational. 

Now, I want to share that with you. Join me, won’t you? 

My name is Steve Pederson, Musician with a Message. Let’s connect! 

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As the song says,"It's quite an adventure on the road, and it gets even better with some company!" Join our Facebook group and get inspiration and support for going after your dreams from our awesome community!

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