The Dream Highway Podcast is here to inspire you and give you tips on how to live fully into your dreams and enjoy the journey.

You need fuel for your journey! You need support for your dreams. You want to get unstuck, moving and live life to the fullest! Steve Pederson, musician, author, speaker, entrepreneur and family man hosts this weekly podcast that helps you up-level your life.

Be inspired by teaching and interviews with people whose lives have been transformed. Hear the stories that have enabled them to overcome crippling obstacles and have propelled them towards their destiny. It’s all about real people overcoming real odds to realize their dreams.

Guests come from all different kinds of backgrounds. The Dream Highway is a judgement-free zone. The podcast is rated PG for language, so it is safe for the whole family to enjoy.

Guest interviews focus primarily on how the guest is pursuing the dreams they have for their life, why those dreams are important to them (a.k.a. the story behind their journey) and what internal and/or external obstacles they have had to overcome – or may still be facing – to see their dreams become a reality.

Now Featuring: Steve’s Stories!

Steve’s Stories is a short weekly email with one simple idea: change your story, change your life. These emails are now recorded in audio format and released on Fridays as a separate bonus supplement to The Dream Highway Podcast.

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