“As long as you are getting your validation from others, you will be living in fear.” – Amy Leo. Join Steve Pederson as he interviews Amy, the singing psychotherapist. Amy has a background in social work and mental health education and was a contestant on The Voice of Finland. Her story of pursuing her dream of performing rap when others thought she should go a different route is inspiring for anyone who is still struggling with “doing it for the approval of others.”  

Other topics of discussion…

  • One of the things that makes us human is the ability to have spontaneous realization. It’s learning without the information distribution. It’s learning from within. Insight = Sight from within
  • Subtractive psychology: Less thinking = more freedom
  • Thoughts: The power of consciousness brings thoughts into reality. Thoughts, like notes, are neither right or wrong. Just because it comes from us doesn’t mean it’s true.
  • Follow your wisdom, what makes you excited.

Interview Part 2


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Amy Leo – Age 11

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