The Dream Highway Podcast Launch

Thank you so much for helping launch The Dream Highway Podcast on Monday June 8th! 

This particular effort is specifically designed to boost the podcast visibility on the Apple Podcasts platform. 

If you do not have an Apple product (iPhone, iPad, etc.) or you don't have iTunes on your PC, you can still participate! (See below

If you do, let’s proceed…

Podcast Description...

You need fuel for your journey. You need support for your dreams. You want to get unstuck and live life to the fullest! Steve Pederson, musician, author, speaker, entrepreneur and family man hosts this weekly podcast that helps you up-level your life. Be inspired by teaching and interviews with people whose lives have been transformed. Hear the stories that have enabled them to overcome crippling obstacles and have propelled them towards their destiny. It's all about real people overcoming real odds to realize their dreams. 

STEP 1: Participate

Here's what I'm asking you to do on Monday June 8th...

Subscribe to the Podcast

Download ALL FOUR Episodes

Rate & Leave a Review

iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad users: 

Experienced Users:

If you already know how to download, subscribe and leave a review, you can find the podcast here...

Just remember to NOT take action until Monday June 8th!

Even if you’ve already subscribed and/or left a review, there will be another episode available on Monday to download. 

New to Apple Podcasts?

You will need the Apple Podcast app, which comes pre-installed on your device.

The Icon looks like this...

If you click on the above icon, the app should open up on your device and land you on the Dream Highway Podcast page.

When you click on it you should see a screen that looks like this...
(If it's the first time you've opened the app you may have a welcome screen.)



On Monday June 8th, Proceed to...

Subscribe to the Podcast

Download ALL FOUR Episodes

After you tap the "+" symbol, it will change into a download icon, which you then tap to download.

Rate & Leave a Review

Scroll down to find the Rate and Review section at the very bottom. 

Please leave a 5-Star rating!

Thank you and Enjoy!

After completing this section you can

iTunes Users:

This section is for you if you do not have an iPhone/iPod Touch or iPad, but you do have a Mac computer or a Windows PC that has the iTunes application on it. (Yes, they do make iTunes for Windows/PCs! Click here to download it.)

You will need a free iTunes account.

In your web browser window, click the button that says "Listen on Apple Podcasts ->". 

When you do, a message like the one below will pop up asking if you want to open in iTunes. Click the "Open iTunes" button... 

In iTunes...

A - Click the Subscribe button
B - Click "Get" for each episode

Next: Click on the Ratings and Reviews tab and submit a 5-Star rating along with a review. 

After completing this section you can

Other Users:

If you don't have an iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and you don't have a Mac or a Windows unit with iTunes on it, and you can't (or don't want to) download iTunes, there's still a way for you to help!

You won't be able to subscribe or leave a review, but you can still listen to the podcast on the Apple website...

...and it will count!

AND, most importantly, YOU will benefit from listening!

Just simply click the button below to listen to the podcast episodes in any web browser...

And then proceed to Step 2...

STEP 2: Spread the Word

Thank you, Thank YOU, THANK YOU!!!

I'm super grateful for your help in spreading the word about the podcast!

Need a hand on what to say when you share? 

Here's an idea of what you can tell your friends when you share (feel free to copy and paste if you like)...

My friend Steve Pederson has just launched an inspirational podcast called The Dream Highway Podcast, and I thought you'd like to know about it. It's real stories of real people like you and me realizing their dreams and what it takes to stay on the journey. Give it a listen, and pass it on! 

In the Podcast App:

A - Click on the 3-dot icon 
B - Click the Share option when it comes up

In iTunes:

A - Click on the down-arrow icon next to the Subscribe(d) button 
B - Click any option to share automatically or copy a link to paste into another application

Another option for sharing is to just copy and paste (or save to your device) one of these images...

If you have any questions whatsoever about any of this please use the contact form on this page.