• 10. Woodshedding with James Becknell

    Listen now: Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | Spotify | More… Woodshedding: “A term commonly used by musicians to mean rehearsing a difficult passage repeatedly until it can be performed […]

  • 9. Why Your Dreams Can’t Wait

    Your dreams can’t wait, and neither can you. In this episode I take a look at three powerful types of motivation to help you be urgent about pursuing your dreams. […]

  • 8. Leaving a Legacy with Ted Williams III

    Subscribe now so you don’t miss an episode! The two things you’re not supposed to talk about, Religion and Politics, is what Ted Williams III is all about it – […]

  • 7. Music That Heals with Tim Ringgold

    Subscribe Now so you don’t miss an episode! He discovered the purpose of his life after five of his friends had been murdered. Listen as music therapist Tim Ringgold explains […]

  • 6. Following Your Curiosity with Ashley Ludlow

    Subscribe now and never miss an episode! She’s a wife and mother of five, and she’s crushing it with her music career. Today, on episode six of the Dream Highway […]

  • 5. Being the Difference Together in Community

    What does it take to be the difference in society in this day and age? Join Steve Pederson as he describes how the four pillars of being the difference as […]

  • 4. Turning Gifts into Gold with Steve Garvin

    He went from managing multi-billion dollar global corporations to laying in the fetal position on the floor not wanting to go to work anymore. Listen as master story crafter Steve […]

  • 3. Amy Leo is the Singing Psychotherapist

    “As long as you are getting your validation from others, you will be living in fear.” – Amy Leo. Join Steve Pederson as he interviews Amy, the singing psychotherapist. Amy […]

  • 2. You Are the Difference: Explained

    You’ve probably heard the phrase “you can make a difference”. In this episode Steve Pederson explains why starting with the belief that you already are the difference can completely turn […]

  • 1. The Dream Highway: An Introduction

    Are you completely satisfied with your life right now? What if you could uncover limiting beliefs and learn to foster more empowering beliefs to help you create the outcomes you […]

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