Keri Dunlap

She said she would never become a Christian. Listen as former atheist, new ager and food addict Keri Dunlap talks about her personal transformation when she learned how to meet God in the middle. 

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With over 15 years of personal development training, including Bachelor and Master of Science in Social Work degrees with a focus in mental health, Keri Dunlap is truly inspired and equipped to lead, love and transform you to Creating Grace in your own life.  As a Believer, she is a living testimony to the supernatural powers of Jesus Christ.  Her group coaching program Creating Grace: Our Bodies combines her personal experience and training to address the emotional, mental and spiritual transformation required to create and maintain long term physical weight loss.  As a former food addict, Keri declared victory over her life by losing 77 pounds, ending her life-long battle with obesity and breaking a 25 year cycle of yo-yo dieting that consumed her adult life.

Show Highlights –  

  • If you’ve ever said to yourself, “It wasn’t in God’s plan” or “This is what God gave me” or “This is my cross to bear”, there’s a lot of work that can be done in your emotional, spiritual, mental and physical systems to move past that and accept responsibility, meet God in the middle, create transformation and live out the glory of God every day.
  • How to provide “truth” for people who have been raised in systems where the Bible is the only source of truth
  • Death of a loved one often creates a shift in spiritual consciousness 
  • Are you ready to release and transform the identity that you have, the comfort zone of what you’ve been taught to be true? Are you ready to face the fact that what you’ve always known may not be true? 
  • How you feel in your body effects everyone in your life. Who you are holistically as a person in your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical body does effect the human experience and ripples out – but it starts with you and God.
  • The ego is based in the concept of walking alone: “I don’t need God, I have the answers already, my truth is the truth, my fears are valid and real.” 
  • The ego comes from the mind. The mind creates fears and desires to live in survival mode. The mind loves to have belief systems to keep you in the box and in survival mode, but is that truly what God wants for you?
  • I let go of the version of me that society created me to be and allowed Jesus to come in and create the version that he desires me to be. How did I learn what that is? Independent study of the Bible and praying the prayer, “Change me, God.” 

Prayer: “Dear Heavenly Father, transform my mental, emotional and physical bodies. Reveal to me any blocks, to move me forward in my dreams” – so he can transform whatever the blocks are – and maybe that’s giving yourself permission to dream, or redeem the past failures or the past things that held you back, and allow the supernatural powers of the Lord to come in and release all that stuff that’s limiting you from glorifying him, because, when you’re living your dreams every day you are magnifying God. 


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