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Christa Pederson

The last song on the album The Dream Highway is a song called Energy is Everything, and if you’re wondering to yourself, “Self, what in the world does that even mean?”…then this is the episode for you! Listen as my daughter Christa and I sit down to discuss how everything is energy and energy is everything – and most of all, why that is significant for your life.

Free Ebook

In the show we talked about a free ebook you can download on the seven keys to creating and maintaining a high level of energy.

This is our free gift to you for joining the Dream Highway VIP email list.

You don’t want to miss this. My daughter Carley has created a one-page illustration that you can print off as a reminder of the seven keys.

Grab Your Free Download Here.

Listen to the song here for free!

The Way-back Machine

Back in 2016 I was doing a morning series entitled “Keys to Being The Difference” on an app called Periscope. I called this show The Pederscope.

On January 25th of that year I did a Pederscope called “Energy is Everything”. I’ve come a long way since then, but if you’re interested in watching it, here ya go…

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