New to podcasts? No worries!

What is a podcast?

A podcast is basically an on-demand radio talk show…that’s free! Every podcast is delivered at different time intervals. Some come out weekly, some daily and some at other various times.

Past episodes are always available, always on demand, so you don’t have to worry about missing an episode. Listen wherever and whenever you want!

They’re great for listening to while you are working, working out, making dinner, doing the dishes, commuting, relaxing, doing hobbies, etc.

Do I need to download the podcast?

No. A podcast works like streaming music, so you don’t need to download the episodes. However, in some cases, the episodes can be downloaded in the event that you want to listen on a device offline.

Most podcasts are also available on Spotify.

What device do I need to listen to a podcast?

Podcasts can be played on any device: Desktop computers, laptops, tablets, smart phones – anything that’s connected to the internet long enough to access the podcast. Some podcasts are also available on Satellite radio stations.

Do I need to download software?

No. Every mobile device comes with a pre-installed app that you can use to listen to your podcasts.

iPhones come with the Podcasts app. On Android devices you can listen with the Google Play Music app. On laptops and desktops there are media players embedded in web pages.

There are also other apps that you can download to listen to podcasts on mobile devices, such as Podbean and Stitcher.

Where do I find these podcasts of which you speak?

Wherever there is someone promoting a podcast they will always provide a link to their podcast that you can click on. That link will bring up the appropriate player for the device you are listening on.

You can also search for podcasts within the app of your choice.

Why and how should I subscribe or “follow”?

When you subscribe to or “follow” a podcast, it ensures that you don’t miss an episode and that you don’t have to go searching for it every time you want to listen.

To follow a podcast in Apple podcasts click on the Show icon or image to bring up the details of the podcast. In the upper-right corner click on the 3 buttons. That will bring up a menu with the first item being the option to follow…

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