Abby Matzke

Like many of us, she thought she was invincible…until she got Lyme Disease. Listen as Transformative Emotion Healer and PhD of Natural Medicine, Abby Matzke, talks about her natural healing journey and the soul-body connection she now helps her clients make in order to get tremendous results they were otherwise unable to achieve.

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Abby found she had an intuitive gift of being able to simply know what subconscious messages and patterns are affecting a person and how to quickly rewire the effects of those messages. This creates a much lighter, more joyful, easier existence for her clients, who feel more empowered, confident, and able to make decisions with great clarity.

Episode Highlights/Summary –  

  • The source of our problems goes deeper than what we thought it was. Society has taught us to put a bandaid on it – look for the surface-level fix, the physical fix. 
  • Anti-depressants in general are one example of a bandaid that are slapped on instead of helping people process the deeper things they’ve been through.
  • Your body and soul are very capable of piecing things back together, but it needs a chance. 
  • The body and the soul work together. Without the soul, the body is just a carcass. 
  • Problems may start in the body or they may start in the soul – whichever one it starts in, it’s going to pull the other off.
  • When God spoke – that’s vibration. He tells the energy he made, “This is where you’re going to go.” His vibration, his voice, his intention is running all of it.
  • We were created in harmony with healing. God had a plan for this.
  • You’re basically not here. You’re hardly solid at all. You are mostly energy.
  • It’s your faith that heals you. That doesn’t mean that, if you’re not healing it’s because you don’t have faith, but that’s often the first place we go. 
  • Broken Heart syndrome can literally kill a person though there is nothing physically wrong with them. 
  • Taking care of the Spirit is super important – it could be the answer to all of this.
  • Industry’s standard procedure for Lyme Disease is a year’s worth of antibiotics. Anti-bio means anti-life. God has given us solutions, we have to find them.
  • With a lot of diseases, there is a lot of fear involved. Self-protective, high-adrenalin instincts/response kick in. 
  • It’s a spectrum, and it’s not wrong to use the tools, but why start at the far end of the spectrum that is not natural?
  • Maybe seek herbs first instead of having a knee-jerk panic reaction. 
  • Brand name “New Song Wellness” – reference to the Psalms: “I will sing to the Lord a new song.” It has to do with the idea of songs being vibration or frequencies; energy.  
  • The devil wants us to doubt ourselves. Our bodies are fearfully and wonderfully made. God was not kidding around when he put this thing together. Start listening to your body – it’s filled with the Holy Spirit. If we’re wrong, He’s going to salvage the mess.
  • You can trust your own intuition and even verify it very simply on your own – we have lie detectors built right into us, we’re just not taught how to use it.
  • What is a way we can test ourselves? If you’re bursting into your day or slogging into it, either way, you’re off. 
  • Just reflect – what do you want to do? What are you grateful for? Every day is a gift, but it doesn’t have to be a big achievement. High achievers…relax! 
  • Having a day off is an achievement. Not accomplishing something is an achievement. Stop the judgment on yourself.
  • Ask: Is my gut in a knot? Are my shoulders super tight? How’s my posture? Am I pushing against a metaphorical brick wall?  
  • Dreams? If you have it in your heart and/or mind, you should start chasing it, because that seed has been planted in you for a reason. Don’t get hung up on the end result. The journey is where you’re going to grow. Be happy along the way. 
  • Don’t resign yourself to a career that you are despising, hanging on to things that are hurting on some level, making you sad or angry, bringing you down, etc. Don’t be afraid to consider deleting that out of your life. Let it go. Give that responsibility to somebody else. Whatever position you leave, somebody else will fill. God can shuffle people around and take care of it.
  • If something is leading you, do it. You have to feed your soul.
  • What if you holding a position is actually stopping what needs to happen for somebody else and giving them an opportunity?
  • Hanging on to something you’re done with is not serving anybody


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