The Dream Highway Podcast
The Dream Highway Podcast
A Labor of Love with Indie Film Producer Crystal Barnes

She’s exploring the good, the bad and the ugly aspects of a life of faith. Listen as independent film producer Crystal Barnes discusses the unique obstacles she faces as she pursues her passion of creating memorable experiences for her viewers.

Show Highlights: 

  • If you follow a Christian around with a camera, you may find some good, bad and ugly. If you only explore the good, it’s flat and superficial – or unreal. 
  • If you can create your own roles, you won’t have to settle for what someone else is proposing to you
  • I would say, “I want to do this” and people would say, “It can’t be done”, and I would just find a way to do it anyway
  • We can create a story or create a song, but what does it mean to get it out there in front of people, to build a team around it – those things are helpful to your career and to you as an artist 
  • When you’re able to create that kind of experience for people – and get to see their reaction and hear them laughing…it’s like hearing a baby laugh – it’s contagious
  • I would continue to do it if I wasn’t going to get paid, because it’s something that I really do enjoy – and I really enjoy when I get feedback from people – whether it’s positive or negative feedback 
  • The negative feedback – critique – helps you grow – people may have something to bring that you haven’t thought about 
  • Advice: Begin earlier – you don’t have to have everything together or the right people in place – just start doing it. People are attracted to success, and if you’re successful, people will join that bandwagon. And, if you’re not successful, but you’re doing it because you love it…people are still going to be attracted to that, because people are attracted to “wow, they’re doing it, and I wish I could do it.” 

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