The Dream Highway Podcast
The Dream Highway Podcast
Bringing People Together Through Story with Sports Reporter Joel Goldberg

As a kid, his dream was to tell everyone what happened on the field. Listen as Fox News Sports Reporter for the Kansas City Royals, Joel Goldberg, talks about how he discovered his purpose was not simply reporting wins and losses, but about how he could bring people together through story. 

Highlights – 

  • Greatest memories from games are the feelings and emotions, not the plays 
  • Do Sports Reporters ever get intimidated? 
  • When you’re young, everything has to be perfect, yet, when you’re going through it, you’re not capable of making it as perfect as you thought you could, but you get closer to that perfection with the more reps and more experience and you get out of your head and it just becomes part of what you do
  • Anyone can find out scores and highlights immediately. It takes relationships to be able to bring you the inside story and help you see the humanity. 
  • Kids nowadays have it easier, but not easier than the competition
  • Find out Joel’s unique solution to overcoming the challenge of breaking in to the business and how that ingenuity continues to serve him through overcoming other obstacles 
  • The moment Joel discovered a deeper purpose to his career and how that has served him and others 
  • The details and description of his compelling new book Small Ball, Big Results

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