The Dream Highway Podcast
The Dream Highway Podcast
Creating Life on Your Terms with Moira Sutton

Her attitude was, hey, if it doesn’t work out, I can always get a “real job.” Listen as Women’s Empowerment Life Coach Moira Sutton talks about how too many restrictions in the workforce led her on an entrepreneurial journey that has lasted over 30 years.

Highlights from the show: 

  • Moira explains what an “awakening catalyst” is, and what it has to do with Donald Trump.
  • Stop playing small and know that your voice matters.
  • Women have a voice and a unique message – live your legacy now!
  • Whatever the News is handing you, you have to find your own truth, wisdom and guidance within yourself.
  • What is in alignment with your mission, your vision, your higher self? Keep asking the questions that reveal another layer – the peeling away the layers of an onion.
  • There’s a gift in everything. For example, with the pandemic, people are slowing down and asking the question, is this what I really want to do? 
  • Health, family and safety (and good food!) are much more important than having more stuff 
  • What does it mean to have a full and rich life?
  • Ask: what is the gift in this? What else is possible? What would it take to do this? Who do I have to become? The quality of our questions is huge. What are our stories? What are we saying to ourselves?
  • We are not “hard-wired” we are “soft-wired”. We can retrain our brain.
  • Dealing with the lie: “I can’t charge for my services!” 
  • What are you really looking for? The opposite is going to show up and challenge you – are you ready to break through to the other side? Once you’ve broken through, like a caterpillar, you can’t go back. 
  • We can create heaven on earth now.
  • Never share dreams with naysayers.
  • Invest in your emotional help.
  • Cultivate appreciation and gratitude for all your feelings and emotions – they are navigators, there to indicate where you’re going.  

Moira is working on a new book entitled The Universe is Calling You: A Sacred Inward Journey to your Heart Soul and Self Love.

Be sure to visit the show notes to download Moira's free gift and learn how to connect with Moira and her work. 

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