The Dream Highway Podcast
The Dream Highway Podcast
Exploring Faith and the Depressed Brain with Author David Anderson

Despite having a depressed brain, he turned his passion for writing into a book that won first place in a Writer’s Digest contest. Listen as author David Anderson discusses what it’s like being a person of faith with clinical depression. 


  • Writing a contest-winning book on a depressed brain
  • Shame, Faith and Depression
  • Chemical imbalance controversy 
  • Signs of clinical depression
  • Difference between situational and clinical depression
  • Science-based ways to alleviate depression
  • Signs you may want to get tested or clinical depression
  • Is “having Jesus” all you need to be happy? 
  • Is depression a sign of a lack of faith or character? 
  • Can a faith that doesn’t allow you to be human or honest with yourself and honest with God sustainable?
  • You’re not responsible for being born with a condition. You are responsible for making adjustments. 
  • If it fits your personality, you have talent for it and you love doing it – go for it! You’ll have a much better chance at success.  

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