The Dream Highway Podcast
The Dream Highway Podcast
Finding a Feeling of Weightless Freedom with CEO September Dohrmann

She went from saving distressed houses to helping distressed entrepreneurs grow themselves and, as a result, their businesses. Listen as the CEO of CEO Space International, September Dohrmann, discusses how to achieve a feeling of weightless freedom in your life. 


  • Techniques, Tactics and strategies are important in growing your business, but more importantly – what are you doing to grow you?
  • One of the biggest beliefs that people struggle with is “I’m not good enough”
  • Triggers are a gift, the doorway to awareness of our highest self, our truest self, our authentic self
  • It’s not what we’re doing in our business, it’s who we’re being when we’re doing what we’re doing in our business 
  • The secret to an incredible mindset that can help you overcome any challenge 
  • Each choice has a result. Ask: does this choice serve my highest good? Is this the next best move? 
  • Meditation is the best practice to develop the skill of being present to be able to ask the best questions 
  • When you are still and present with the now, what you need shows up – the clarity that you’re looking for is right there
  • No matter what the challenge or obstacle is, the gift inside of it…is you! Your challenges bring you closer to who you really are. 

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