The Dream Highway Podcast
The Dream Highway Podcast
Healing the Inner Wounded Child with Emily Drew Love

She’s out to bust the myth that simply reprogramming our beliefs is enough to ensure we’ll get the results we want in life. Listen as musician and spiritual teacher Emily Drew Love discusses the necessity of healing the wounded inner child in all of us.


  • We all have our own unique channel that we can channel. In that sense we all have the potential to be spiritual teachers – not just people that have apprenticed or have a degree, because your experience speaks to your wisdom
  • We don’t need to be certified to be validated or use our gifts 
  • Often times, when you get certified, it means you’re taking someone else’s way and sharing that, instead of your own wisdom
  • The spirit within us is our best spiritual teacher – that and our own unique experiences 
  • Once you overcome your experiences, you can teach others how to do it
  • Sharing our stories and experiences can cause an awakening in others 
  • Myth: Just reprogramming our minds and beliefs is not enough 
  • Reprogramming ignores and invalidates that part that needs to be addressed 
  • Doing the reprogramming stuff is like taking a pill – it only works for so long, but it’s shifting your focus away from what’s actually there
  • The goal is not to try to change yourself but to become more of who you actually are and unearth it – it’s all in there, it’s just covered up and blocked by layers of defense mechanisms, patterning, conditioning and wounding
  • The finite mind cannot comprehend the infinite 
  • The best thing all the spiritual leaders out there can do is point people inward to themselves 
  • You’re a divine perfect being of light, you are perfect and complete on some level, start looking inward and start questioning everything – not everyone is bringing through perfect words. 
  • Start trusting yourself. That which you’re feeling is valid and real and not something that needs to be changed. There’s a reason you’re feeling them. 
  • Start digging a little deeper and get support. One of the wounds is that we try to do it on our own. Connection with others is huge.

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