The Dream Highway Podcast
The Dream Highway Podcast
Making it Fun with Chiefs Cheerleader Candy Whirley

She used to be a cheerleader for the Kansas City Chiefs. Listen as professional speaker and author Candy Whirley describes how she continues to stay energized despite the rigorous demands of being a working wife, mother and grandmother.

Show highlights

  • How to get so much accomplished AND maintain high levels of energy
  • Being blessed means nothing if you don’t acknowledge it
  • Connecting the dots: how previous experience can prepare you for your destiny 
  • What it’s like to be a cheerleader for the Kansas City Chiefs
  • The importance of validation in your calling 
  • 4 elements of a personal “power pack” 
  • Overcoming the obstacle of not getting paid what you’re worth
  • The importance of valuing your self and what you’ve created 
  • When to say No and when to say a “calculated yes” 
  • Surprise a-ha moments springing from generational differences 
  • When you should quit your soul sucking day job and be a truck driver 
  • When you live in fear, you don’t see the beauty of what could be on the other side
  • How you can find a gift even in loneliness 
  • Never settle for anything less than what your heart is calling you to become

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