The Dream Highway Podcast
The Dream Highway Podcast
Pushing Through The Wall with Kristine Binder

It all started with a dare. Now she wears a pink tutu whenever she runs a marathon. Listen as teacher and life coach Kristine Binder (#tutulady) talks about recovering from abuse, depression and divorce to inspire girls and women to run the marathon of life. 

Show highlights…

  • The journey is more about the training than the actual race – the race, and crossing the finish line, is the icing on the cake
  • There's only one way up the ladder – one step at a time
  • The Lemonade Stand: From Sour to Sweet (compilation book) 
  • I post what I need for myself in the morning – and it resonates with people 
  • In the climate that we’re in right now, with so much negativity and division, I have to be a place of peace and grace 
  • You have to talk yourself through the wall, and you have to get support from others
  • So, your steps aren’t as big right now. It might not always be giant steps. Forward is a pace. I can celebrate the little steps
  • God is teaching us lessons – we just have to open our eyes and see them, live them, learn them

Plus, Kristine talks about what it's like to be shut out of a faith community because of her divorce and having a gay son. 

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