The Dream Highway Podcast
The Dream Highway Podcast
Stepping Into the Unknown with Recovery Alchemist Eric Majeski

He’s working to give a voice to the voiceless, but maybe not in the way that you might think. Listen as holistic healer and musician Eric Majeski discusses stepping into the unknown and giving voice to what’s deepest inside each one of us. 


  • Difference between hard and soft addictions and why some are more stigmatized than others 
  • Dr Gabor Mate teaches us not to ask “why the addiction?” but instead to ask, “why the pain?”
  • People want to get out of pain. How? By medicating. That’s normal. There’s nothing more normal than wanting to get out of pain.
  • Learn what a “Musical Intervention” is and its role in healing 
  • Using music as a way of grieving 
  • To be voiceless is painful. To not be in full expression is painful.
  • The concept of harm reduction in healing 
  • Step into the unknown – it’s really not as our minds anticipate it to be 
  • As human beings, we’re not supposed to stop learning, and why it’s so easy to forget 
  • Persistence is the key to transformation 
  • If there are no obstacles, am I on a path worth being on? 
  • If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough. -Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

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