The Dream Highway Podcast
The Dream Highway Podcast
Turning Gifts Into Gold with Steve Garvin

He went from managing multi-billion dollar global corporations to laying in the fetal position on the floor not wanting to go to work anymore. Listen as master story crafter Steve Garvin explains why feeding your soul is essential and how you can turn your gifts into gold. 

Steve says, "I wanted to find something that satisfied my soul just as much, if not more than, it satisfied my bank account" and "I found that, while my head could do that work, my heart was not in it."  

Can you relate?  

Just a few nuggets of gold harvested from my interview with Steve…

  • Best advice from mom: Never grow up – always have fun and be playful
  • The incredible power of story: your story lives on through your loved ones – creates a ripple effect
  • If we don’t do anything with our gift, it’s like leaving the gold in the hills

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