The Dream Highway Podcast
The Dream Highway Podcast
What's Love Got To Do With Marva Lord?

She’s a work at home mom with an autistic daughter living in what a local priest calls “the edge of the veil between two worlds.” Listen as poet and creative entrepreneur Marva Lord discusses how love really is all you need. 

Highlights from this episode…

  • How nature plays a role in creativity and spirituality
  • Being happy where you live has more to do with what’s going on internally than your external environment.
  • Accountability is about how we show up for ourselves and what we can achieve when we do that.
  • Challenges teach us about intention and what we can do when we put our minds to it, even though we may be distracted by other things.
  • All art is telling a story. It may not be the story the artist has invested in creating the piece of work. There’s a story that emerges through the way we interact with that work.
  • Learning how to be a better communicator through working with others
  • The challenges of being a mom of an autistic child while trying to be an entrepreneur – expectations on mothers are very high
  • Loving what you do begins with loving yourself
  • Remember Love. Remember Compassion. It's transformative. 
  • Love is not a passive thing – it is an active manifesting 
  • What to do when the unimaginable or unexpected things happen and there are no guides
  • Dealing with the solitary journey of being a freelancer

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