The Dream Highway Experience

An Interactive and Inspirational Event

Are your dreams on hold? 

The Dream Highway Experience is an interactive event that includes live music and storytelling to inspire people to take ownership of their dreams and empower them to make a greater impact with their lives. 

Are you feeling unfulfilled in some area of your life? Get re-inspired to go after your dreams! Join Steve for this transformational time as he performs songs from his album The Dream Highway in an interactive setting. 

Upbeat Positive Music
Compelling Real-life Stories
Unforgettable Fun! 

Which one of these best describes you...

Person A

You feel like life may be passing you by
You live many days going through the motions and possibly just getting by
When people ask you what’s up you say, “Same old same old. Nothin’ new.”
You primarily talk about the weather and what the kids are up to
You wonder if you're really making a difference

Person B

You know how to fully enjoy the present moment
You are excited about your future
You have a vision and a purpose for your life that motivates you
You live most days energized with a positive mindset and hopeful about your dreams
You know who you are and where you're going
You know you are the difference 

Or, perhaps the better question is...

Which one of these people would you prefer to be more like?

The Dream Highway Experience will get you (and your audience)
"on the road" to feeling more like Person B. 

And, if you already consider yourself a Person B,
The Dream Highway Experience will be like putting Nitrous Oxide in your fuel system!


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