Think you don’t have a message? You don’t have to be a speaker, author, podcaster or coach to have and share a message that someone needs to hear. Take Kerry Heaps for example. She happens to be a speaker, author and entrepreneur that helps others get their message out there.

In this episode she shares a story about a random encounter with an individual that wasn’t “supposed to” happen. Turns out, because she looked for a way to share her message rather than getting upset about her circumstances, she was able to have a powerful impact on another human in great need.

An Entrepreneur of 16 years, Kerry is the President of Book.Speak.Repeat – taking the work out getting booked as a speaker – and the Host of the Book.Speak.Repeat. Podcast. She is a highly sought-after Speaker on topics such as Leveraging your Publicity to Close More Deals, Bodies Don’t Lie-Body Language Basics, and The Network Game – Making Networking “Work” for Your Business.

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