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“A term commonly used by musicians to mean rehearsing a difficult passage repeatedly until it can be performed flawlessly. The term is used metaphorically where “the woodshed” means any private place to practice without being heard by anyone else.”

He’s a Christian teacher who went to college to escape the toxic friends and dead end future that were staring him down. In this episode Master of Divinity James Becknell shares why it is absolutely essential that we pursue our individual passions and aptitudes. 

Highlights from our episode…

  • My passion doesn’t have to consume yours, you don’t have to adopt mine – keep doing what you’re doing and lean in to the things you love
  • Teach and educate yourself without expectation of financial yield – do it because you love it – not to be employed. You might need a second job.
  • Advertisement for introverts not sure of their role in the community: plumb the depths and find the gold and bring it back to the world to offer as a gift  – that’s not something everybody can do – if you can sustain isolation for a period of time for that purpose you can bring out something really helpful 
  • What would the world be without art? It would be sad. It would be dark. It would lack the spark necessary for people to be inspired, to make changes in their life, to elevate their view, to alleviate their pain, to have a place to pour out their sorrow.


You can actually see James and I in the second row as Professor Wright was being introduced…

James currently serves as a Teacher on staff with the Chicago Church of Christ.

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