Greg Kettner

His friends got him up on stage doing comedy in front of thousands of people, getting standing ovations and opening for a major celebrity. Listen as happiness coach Greg Kettner talks about how he helps people love the work they do or find work they love. 

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  • Hear Greg’s amazing story of being put on the spot to do a 15-minute comedy spot in front of thousands of people at a sales conference in Las Vegas – only having 5 minutes of material as a novice comedian 
  • What it really means to take a gamble on yourself 
  • Why you should give yourself a standing ovation
  • Greg’s life lessons: saying yes when you don’t have a plan, delivering and betting on yourself even if no one else will
  • If you want the life of your dreams, you’re going to have to fail a lot, but every failure gets you closer to your goal


definition: (Canadian, slang) beer (or whatever you’re drinking)


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